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SG1 Fans will get this Fun Stargate Stargate universe Geek stuff

SG1 Fans will get this Fun Stargate Stargate universe Geek stuff


Binge Review: Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe - Geek .com


Stargate SG-1 Fan Art ©2007-2012 ~HitoStargate

Stargate: Origins Gets a Swashbuckling Teaser and Release Date

That Stargate Universe/Stargate Atlantis crossover is GO!

Stargate Atlantis

25 Best Stargate SG-1 Episodes

Stargate fans will get this

SG-1 Fans will get this!

Brad Wright Explains Stargate Mythology in Four Minutes! | Stargate Universe

How Stargate Origins looks to the past to find the franchise's future

Stargate Universe - Official Trailer | HD

Stargate SG-1 Single Light Switch Plate Cover

As a teenage boy growing up in North Carolina — fascinated by the military, ancient mythology, and all things science fiction — I thought Stargate SG-1 ...

Where Would You Go Using The Stargate? Cast Q & A | Stargate Universe

Beneath the Surface

Stargate SG1 #Scifi #Television #Art #Poster

Stargate SG-1. This is such a cute line....He has his priorities straight.

My mother is a huge Stargate fan (so am I) and I happen to own a decal company so I came and put this up. I think she's gonna geek out over ...

I had a request from folks to have an open thread here while Stargate: Universe had its debut airing tonight, so here it is. Feel free to use it to comment ...

stargate confessions - no complaints about buff warriors though... @Jocelyn Hanna @

Stargate Universe guest stars named; includes SG-1 cast

Stargate Universe Get season 2 on YouTube

Stargate Movie

Thor vs Thor <---the bottom photo is from Stargate SG-1 lol.

Stargate SG-1's Christopher Judge wants to make a Jaffa spinoff series

Stargate Universe Cast

8 things you should know about the 2nd season of Stargate Universe

Alaina Huffman (l), Ming Na (Rear), Elyse Levesque (r). Stargate Universe ...

It was a sad night for us Stargate fans last night as we watched the Stargate get powered down and the lights turned off. After fourteen years and over 350 ...

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Good sci-fi starts with good science.

Almost the entire "main" cast from the ten seasons of Stagate

Stargate Universe is headed “Back to Destiny” when the story leaps into comic books later this month.

Get Into Gate: A Stargate Podcast on Apple Podcasts

Meet Stargate Universe's resident geek, David Blue


Review: Stargate Universe Season One

Fan-MadeStargate ...

Let's talk humor first - the show was funny and never afraid to poke fun at itself (just watch SG-1 episode “Wormhole Extreme”).


When Blast interviewed Michael Shanks last month, we learned that the new, anticipated “Stargate SG-1” straight-to-DVD movie does not exist yet.

If all goes well, in three years down the line, we could not only have new Stargate on the platform, but several new scifi shows as well.

Stargate Universe Returns! | Official Mid-Season Trailer | HD


SG-1 co-creator Brad Wright says he's 'working on' reviving Stargate with MGM

Sundays through the Stargate is a weekly series that I am doing on Stargate SG1 which you can learn more about in The Beginning post.

Robert Carlyle plays a brilliant yet frustrated scientist trying to solve the mystery of the Stargate's “ninth and final” chevron.

How Stargate inspired a cult following

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Can Stargate Be Rebooted?

Fan-MadeStargate ...

Stargate fans and good friends at the 2015 con.


It was 1994 when Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich's Stargate finally hit the big screen. It was an ambitious science fiction film with a modest budget (just ...

24. Moebius (Season 8)

An all-Stargate streaming service just launched for a one-time cost of $20

'Avengers: Endgame' World Premiere Teases the Next Stage for Marvel

If you know me, you know I am a big fan of Stargate Universe. This is obvious if you follow my tweets (I'm @whisperingloon on Twitter) or if you listen to ...

GeekDad Interviews Julia Benson of Stargate: Universe

The Stargate comics come with a cover price of $3.99 and are available in comic stores nationwide. Digital issues are also for sale at Amazon (for Kindle ...

Stargate navy call me chevron shirt unisex by MadModesty on Etsy

... from #Stargate #SG1, #Atlantis, and #Universe c/o Special Features Producer @Ivonbartok. It's leaving my storage unit and headed to MGM and, eventually, ...

October 2, 2009: Actor David Blue Answers Your Questions! And STARGATE: UNIVERSE Premieres!

Full-size 3D Printed Stargate Will Take You to a Museum

Stargate Cameron Mitchell.jpg

I'm always thrilled to find fellow geek girls. I watch Stargate Universe and I absolutely love it. So you can imagine how excited I was to find out that ...

First up is Shawn R. Hill (@shawnrhill) with his kicking Stargate turtle tattoo. Seeing a photo of this tattoo was actually how I first started talking to ...

25. Watergate (Season 4)

Amazon.com: Stargate Tie Clip, Stargate SG-1 Cufflinks, Stargate Atlantis Cuff Links, Stargate Universe Wedding Jewelry, Fathers Day Gift: Jewelry

It was really my first big fandom, and my inspiration for staying in love with science fiction for as long as I have.

Stargate Universe images Everett Young HD wallpaper and background photos

Not a fan of Universe but this was clever. Stargate Universe, Stargate Atlantis,

Art you can appreciate: Sci-Fi Heroes

Stargate SG-1: Farewell

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Stargate SG-1: Exile by Sally Malcolm & Laura Harper

Stargate Universe: The Complete Final Season [5 Discs] (DVD) (Enhanced

Stargate Universe episode 13 review

So does Stargate Origins fit into the canon of SG-1 and the original film?

'Stargate Universe' Finally Returns to Destiny

Cast Your Vote For Stargate Universe!

Syfy's Stargate Universe [Tuesday's, 9/8C] has continued the tradition of Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis by going to a couple of places its ...

Approaching the Possible: The World of Stargate Sg-1 (Large Print 16pt)

Stargate SG-1


stargate coaster sg-1 drink

The Stargate franchise attracted fans from all demographics. With the help of his mom years

Stargate ...

Actor Carmen Argenziano passed away Sunday at age 75, according to his representatives

Last night, Akemi and I went out for dinner with the lovely Alaina Huffman (SGU's Lieutenant Tamara T.J. Johansen, Smallville's Black Canary, ...

An ACTUAL Stargate and 850+ other awesome SG-1 props to be auctioned

Blueprints of a Stargate! Like, if you'd frame this and put it