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Compound Word Game with long a words ay ai and ae Items I

Compound Word Game with long a words ay ai and ae Items I


Long a vowel sound worksheet. 'a_e'; 'ai'; & 'ay'

Create a print rich environment for your classroom with these 10 pages illustrating 34 Long A words from the a__e, ai and ay spelling patterns. FREE

FREE worksheets, create your own worksheets, games.

Digraph Activities, Games & Worksheets {a-e} {ai} {ay}

... ay Long a Spelled a, ai, ay

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ai / ay game Color the boxes to help the frog find the lily pad.

This set of 10 vowel digraph (teams) word sorts are the perfect engaging activity for students learning the different vowel spelling patterns. Thi.

Introducing a Word Sort | ay and ai

... Phonics: Long A Sounds Bundle AY AI - Whimsy Workshop Teaching

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Digraph Activities, Games & Worksheets {a-e} {ai} {ay}

... Long Vowel Teams: AY -AI Worksheets

Enjoy Teaching English: PHONICS - Long A (ay,ai,a-e)

... Long a ay, ai, a_e sort

AI , A - E and AY | Similar Sounds | Sounds Alike | How to Read | Made by Kids vs Phonics - YouTube

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... Long Vowel Worksheets, Word Work, Vowel Team ay ai

Spelling lesson for long a words

Long a Scoot ai ay Long a Scoot ai ay

Agrandir ...

Digraph Activities, Games & Worksheets {a-e} {ai} {ay}

UNIT 1 Week 1: Short a, i Week 2: Short e, o, u Week 3: a-e Week 4: i-e; soft g & c Week 5: o-e, e-e, u-e; sh, th, ch, ...

Simply place the templates on the file folder and laminate both the folder and words. The activity will last for years!

Long Aa (ay and ai) Bingo Game Boards 3 different boards Center Activity

... Long "a" Sound (ai, ay, a-e) Game - Spin and

Digraph Activities, Games & Worksheets {a-e} {ai} {ay

NEW * Year 1 Common Exception Word Activity Mat Bumper Pack - CEWs, tricky

... ai) Long A Games: Snakes & Ladders (a_e, ay, ...

Long A Sound Words a ai ay ei ey eigh silent e Activities

... Ay and Ai Worksheets: Cut and Paste Sorts, Cloze, Read and Draw,

... Long A Sounds (ai, ay, a_e) - Self-Checking Phonics Centers

Word Sorts | School - ay/ai | Word sorts, Classroom language, Teaching reading

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... 6 /ai/ and /ay/ Word Game Pack

Emily's Resources

Emily's Resources

... Compound Word Game with long /a/ words: ay, ai, and a_e


Word Work ideas, tips, tricks and resources! Blog post with lots of pictures

Alternative Spellings ai, ay, a-e Table Worksheet

Emily's Resources

... Long A - Vowel Teams "AY & AI" Worksheets and Phonics ...

Alphabet sound clip cards. Beginning sounds board game

The 'ou' (as in soup) PowerPoint

55 Two-Letter Combinations That Actually Count in 'Words With Friends'

phonics activities · ai/ay ...

Emily's Resources

Transcription of an ancient Roman inscription in Roman square capitals. The words are separated by engraved dots, a common but by no means universal ...

How To Use Sound Buttons

'ow' and 'ou' Sound Family Game

Phoneme Patterns

2 choices for long vowel 'a' sound

Phase 5 New Grapheme PowerPoint Bundle

[Page 75]

r controlled vowels

Memorize this list next time you're about to play Scrabble: aa, ae, ai, oe, and eau.

Change the initial letter for more words

Child spelling the word 'rock' with letter tiles

Austria's standardized cursive

Selection of graph analysis of ongoing HCI/ML research (AE, 2016)

OA Sound Family Game

Ahlan wa Sahlan: Letters and Sounds of the Arabic Language: With Online Media

Spelling in Year 2 Children will: Continue to segment words into phonemes, but will

a-e (split digraph) PowerPoint

2nd Grade Vocabulary and Spelling Word Lists

Phonogram Word Cards

Google logos. Image: AFP

Phase 3 'ai' Real and Nonsense Word Word Cards -

The Phase 3 Vowel Phoneme PowerPoint Bundle

r controlled vowels

Premium ...

igh Sound Family Game


TREND 1: Creativity is becoming more accessible.

Stamp the missing letter

The Set 2 Phonics Games Pack (Read, Write, Inc. Set 2 Sounds

Phase 5 'a-e' Split Digraph Colour By Phoneme Real and Nonsense Words

r controlled vowels

AI & AY Remember Game AI & AY Remember Game

Procedural Games: Beneath Apple Manor (1978) / Akalabeth (1980)

In Stage 3, you can type or paste in your own words and sentences.

Aerospace Booklet: PhD Poster Day - 16th of March 2018 by TU Delft - issuu

Page 1

r controlled vowels

Stage 1

CVC board games

Year 1 Literacy Mat

Quote by Douglas Engelbart / A Word Processor with a Crowd Inside / Creative Content Distribution / Collaborative Coding / Live videostream of creative ...

Pronunciation - sometimes known as “pro-nuhn-see-EY-shuhn” - is one of the simplest ESL topics to explain, at least in theory; and also one of the hardest ...

Jolly Phonics Teachers Book colour

Blending Dragon: Quicky read the word, catch correct ones and fly through the gate

Microsoft Word

Look at how each sound is written